What to do if a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is denied

What to do if a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is denied

What to do if a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is denied

In this article, we will help you understand what to do if a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is denied. It's possible that, after you've used a credit card for a while, or if it happens again in the future, you'll see an improperly stated amount on your statement. Credit card billing errors are uncommon, but they do happen. However, you need not be concerned; filing a disagreement will usually result in a satisfactory resolution of the matter.

What is a Credit Card Billing Error?

Credit card billing errors, as the phrase implies, are any mistakes that show up on your credit card statement at the end of each billing cycle. Credit card companies usually do a good job of making sure their customers are happy, so this bill should be accurate most of the time.  

However, occasionally there may be a calculation problem or some other type of error that you would like to have fixed. Common types of incorrect credit card invoicing are described below:
  • Your credit card statement includes a transaction or charges that you don't recall making. This may not be a mistake; however, you should check with the card issuer to be sure. If the amount is outside of your credit card company's normal fees and charges, they will let you know; if not, you can ask them to investigate.
  • Your credit card statement may include duplicate entries for some purchases. Depending on the circumstances, the payment may be deducted twice by mistake or appear twice on the bill without actually being deducted.
  • A mistake in entering the amount spent on a specific item could result in a discrepancy between the two amounts.
  • All the transactions are correctly listed, but there is some inaccuracy in the total calculation, which is another form of credit card billing error.
What to do if a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is denied

What Should You Do When a Credit Card Billing Error Dispute is Denied?

Credit card companies and banks will not often reverse a valid billing error challenge. You should double-check your bill to ensure there is a genuine issue if your dispute was initially rejected. Credit card consumers may incorrectly believe that there is an issue with their monthly bill just based on the total amount due without first thoroughly reviewing the statement's breakdown of charges.

This is why it's crucial to keep a close eye on your credit card statements. There is a possibility that you are oblivious to a charge that is valid for your credit card. Your sole recourse with your credit card company in this situation will be a refusal. If this isn't the case and you believe there is a legitimate issue on your credit card statement, you should call customer service and inquire as to why your request was denied.

You'll get an explanation from them, and if you're still not happy, you can file a formal complaint if you have further questions. If your credit card company is taking too long to respond to your inquiry or is repeatedly denying it, you have the right to file a complaint with the CFPB and the FTC. (FTC). Your billing error dispute will be resolved in a matter of weeks if it has merit.

The Bottom Line

Due to the potential for such mistakes, you should always review your monthly credit card statement before making a payment. The failure to routinely review credit card bills is a common error among cardholders. Contacting your card issuer to challenge these inaccuracies is simple, but if they refuse your request for a dispute resolution, you have recourse through the aforementioned bodies.

If your concern is valid, they will investigate it carefully and hopefully find a solution. Feel free to post your questions and concerns in the space provided below.

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